Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza is an excellent Ladbrokes Casino game that blends the best elements of bingo and instant win scratch cards. It boasts a £200,000 jackpot, and lets you play up to eight bingo cards at a time. Available in both Free Play and Real Play mode, Bingo Bonanza is a must-try for every casino gamer.

Bingo Bonanza lets you play up to eight bingo tickets at a time, and ticket prices range from 25p to £20. Additional cards do not increase your odds, but they do allow you to get more out of your time. The goal of the game is to tap a five-number series in a row, column or diagonal. The number of balls remaining determines the win amount. Each card calls out 60, and the less it takes, the more you win. Win amounts range from 1x to 10,000x. At the max bet, the jackpot is £200k.

To start the game, click the Play button. By default, the game is set to a £1 stake and one bingo ticket. You can adjust those before playing by using the left and right arrow buttons. Once the game has started, it will begin calling out numbers and automatically tapping them on your bingo tickets. When you’ve reached a five-number series, the game will determine the win amount based on the balls remaining.

If you’ve hit a series in the first seven balls, then you win the jackpot. If it takes 60, you win 1x. Beyond that, you simply lose. The game will continue to play until all cards have won or until all 60 balls have been called out.

Bingo Bonanza will grab hold and make you a fan in a way that most scratch card simply can’t. If you opt to play in the Real Play mode, Ladbrokes Casino will give you a £5 bonus bet and match your first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500.