Poker Match Scratch Cards

When looking for a game where scratch cards meet poker, Poker Match from Mega Money Games is a top choice. During this ultimate scratch card game, players can bet on five different hands that they receive. Scratching the cards in each hand may or may not reveal pairs, full houses, a flush and more. The more hands that you scratch, the higher chances at winning there are. An amazing jackpot of $500,000 could be yours today.

Playing Poker Match
Before starting a game of Poker Match, players must first decide how many hands they will be playing at one time. The more hands that are in play, the more chances that you have at winning big. Next to each line of cards there is a stake section. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the bets for each line of cards as you would like. Bets can be anywhere from $0.01 to $10.00 and bets do not have the be the same amount for each line. After choosing a stake amount, it's time to start playing poker.

Use your mouse to scratch off each row of cards that are in play individually. A “Reveal All” button is also available to show the cards all at once. If a line is a winner, the matching combination will light up on the right side of the screen. Four of a kind will win x200 your stake, a flush will win x50, a three of a kind will win x10 and so on. A total bet and total win box will show you just how much you have won while playing Poker Match.

Mega Money Games Promotions
Take advantage of a spectacular welcome bonus when becoming a new member at Mega Money Games. All new players can now receive a 300% match-up bonus on their first two deposits. This first deposit made will receive 100% back and the second will receive 200% back. New players will also receive $7 free upon joining.