Robin Dude Scratch Card

Mega Money Games’ Robin Dude, a play on Robin Hood, is a fantasy-themed scratch card. The object is to fire an arrow into a target three times, and each time awards its own prize amount. This is a scratch card with a skill element and a top jackpot worth $100,000.

Robin Dude supports stakes ranging from $1 to $10, and the game is set to $1 by default. You can change the amount with the + and – buttons. Once you’ve set the desired amount, click Draw to purchase the card. Next, move Robin to aim his bow, and then click Shoot when you have the desired angle. The goal is to hit the centre circle, which is coloured yellow. You’ll have three tries, and you can win on all three of them.

The most refreshing aspect of Robin Dude is the skill element. Targeting is not easy, but you can get the hang of it, which can increase your win odds considerably. One drawback to this type of scratch card is that you do not have access to the top jackpots every play. On the other hand, every card you purchase is a potential winner, and you have a say on whether or not you win.

Robin Dude by Mega Money Games is a fun, interesting game that provides a twist on the usual virtual scratch card. In order to try it in demo mode, you’ll need to register an account, but the casino will give a $7 bonus when you do. The bonus does not require a deposit or any other obligation.