Bowled Over Scratch Card

Bowled Over is an instant win scratch card game available for play at Ladbrokes Casino. Unlike many other scratchcard games, Bowled Overs gives you two games to play and more chances to win for just a single stake. Reveal three matching prize amounts on any game and win the amount shown. This game requires little to no skill and is ideal for new online casino players and old players alike. You never know when you may go home a big winner when playing at Ladbrokes Casino.

How to Play Bowled Over
The aim of the game in Bowled Over is simple. You will be given two games to play on a single stake. Players will first purchase their scratchcard by making the wager of their choice and clicking the “New Card” button. During the first game, you will see six hidden prize amounts on the card. Take off the removable panel on each of the six spaces to reveal the hidden amount. These can be removed individually or all at once with the click of a button. If three prize amounts that are revealed match, you will be rewarded with that amount.

On the second game that is presented to you, you will reveal a prize multiplier. Along with the multiplier amount, a win or lose animation will be shown. If you see the win animation, you will win the prize multiplier that is shown. If the losing animation appears, you will simply win nothing during this game, but still take home your winnings from the first game. When looking for more ways to win for a single bet, Bowled Over is a great choice.

Free Play Mode
Before making a stake at Bowled Over, test out the free play mode to see if it is a game that you enjoy. This great feature enables players to experience everything that they will see in real play, without the need of making a bet. Because no bet is made in this mode, winnings are not able to be cashed out. Test your luck at Bowled Over from Ladbrokes Casino in real play after experiencing free play mode.