Get More From Scratch2Cash

Some of the world's most popular scratch card games can be found at Scratch2Cash. With over 100 different and unique games to choose from, there is a little something for everyone at Scratch2Cash. Players can scratch and win their way to thousands and even millions in games such as Darts and The Lost Maya. The best part about playing at Scratch2Cash is that members will receive reward points that can be used to receive cash back bonuses. Earn as you play your favorite scratch games at this online casino.

How To Become A Rewards Member
There is no sign-up process or requirements needed in order to become a Scratch2Cash Rewards Member. All new players will automatically start receiving reward points upon their first deposit and game wager. Scratch2Cash will keep track of all important information, such as how much you have spent on games, the amount of points that have been earned, your current level and more. As you continue to play, your membership level will automatically increase. There's no easier way to earn points back when playing your favorite scratch games.

Maximize Your Winnings and Earn Points
Not only will players receive the winnings that are earned while playing scratch card games, but they will also earn points back. This essentially maximizes the amount of winnings. You can feel good about playing games when you know that you are receiving something back for your loyal dedication to the site. Earning points is simple. Most games will provide 1 reward point for each $10 that is wagered on games. Wager $20 and receive 2 points, $50 and receive 5 points and so on. Once you have earned your desired amount of points, they can be redeemed for bonus cash to spend.

How To Increase Your Level
As you continue to play games at Scratch2Cash, your level will increase. All new players will start out as Novice players and can increase their level to Player, Enthusiast, Star, Superstar and Champion. Each level provides better redemption rates when turning in your reward points. You may even receive a special invitation to become a VIP member and earn additional rewards.