Scratch2Cash Promos


Scratch2Cash is one of the most popular scratch card sites on the Internet. They offer a huge library of scratch cards, diverse promos and a lucrative rewards program. The program awards cash and dictates VIP status, which results in a wide array of other perks. Here’s a breakdown:

Earning Reward Points

All clients are automatically eligible for the reward program, so you start earning points with the very first scratch card you purchase. Scratch2Cash awards Reward Points at a rate of one per $10 staked in Real Money mode. If you purchase a scratch card for $1, the system awards you with 0.10 Reward Points.

Reward Levels

New players start at the Novice reward level. There are six additional levels: Player, Enthusiast, Star, Superstar, Champion and VIP. The Scratch2Cash tier system is completely automated. When you’ve earned enough points for the next tier, you automatically begin enjoying the benefits that come with it.

Dual Purpose

All Reward Points serve the dual purpose of determining reward level and converting into cash. Consider them two distinct pools. When you earn a Reward Point, one point goes into the experience total that dictates your level; another goes into an account that you can spend on bonus dollars.

Redemption Rate

The redemption rate is the rate at which you convert Reward Points into cash. At levels Novice and Player, you earn $1 for every 25 points turned in. The rate increases to 23 at Enthusiast, 20 at Star, 18 at Superstar, 16 at Champion and 15 at VIP.

VIP by Special Invitation

Champion is the final automated tier, and it requires 5,001 Reward Points accrued. At that point, you continue to accrue points, and the Scratch2Cash staff will eventually invite you to the exclusive VIP club.

Other Benefits

Membership has its privileges, and your reward level regularly earns you a wide range of Scratch2Cash promos, including reload bonuses, special tournaments, dedicated raffles and other unique promotions.