Football Mania Scratch Off

The football Mania scratch card from Gala Casino could be your ticket to a £100,000 Jackpot. That's more money than a Premier League footballer earns in a week! well, maybe not a week but it's close.

This scratch card celebrates our love of the National game… It has everything but a penalty shoot out – thank god as we always lose them! To win big on this card you'll need to match any of the six symbols to the symbol hidden behind the big football.

You can scratch off each panel individually and save the big football until last, that way you'll build the tension or you can just hit ‘reveal all'. The cash prizes on this game are very good, anything from £10 to £100,000.

Football Mania from Gala Casino is good value considering the cost of the cards and the jackpots available. You can choose various levels of risk, the minimum cost per card is only £0.50p and the maximum is £10. You can also bulk buy cards and zip through them quickly with ‘AutoPlay' – I always think ‘AutoPlay' takes some of the fun out of playing.

This card hits the back of the net and rips it shirt off to celebrate – not literally, but you get what I mean… It's more fun than a night out with George Best and Gazza! If the beautiful game is your thing then you'll love Football Mania.