Bunny Boiler From Ladbrokes

We all know Glenn Glose in Fatal Attraction is the ultimate bunny boiler but fresh from Ladbrokes Casino come a scratch card with the same name but with a very different objective!

The story goes that a little bunny returns from hopping around on the grass to find his home has been booby trapped! Bombs, anvils, electricity, you name it; the trap has been left for him. Can you help him navigate the minefield and make it home?

If you can then big things are in store so roll the dice to navigate the bunny through his hole, avoiding the booby traps and munching the carrots. You get six rolls of the dice per game and youahve to get Bunny home without killing him.

Whenever a prize value is passed, you win, and passing further prizes will increase the win! And if you're new to online scratchcards or even Ladbrokes casino then you'll be very pleased to know that you can play this game in Free play mode so you get all the fun of playing with none of the risk of losing!

A great, fun scratchcard that's well worth a go – Bunny Boiler at Ladbrokes Casino is the one to try!