Six Shooter

Play the Six-Shooter Looter scratch card to win big cash prizes instantly. Six-Shooter Looter is one of many scratch cards available at Ladbrokes Casino, and it’s a gold scratch card, which means that the prizes are bigger and the gameplay is a bit more intricate than the average scratch-off.

Six-Shooter Looter uses the Old West as its theme, and it tells the story of an outlaw who is out for cash and will do anything to have it. This scratch card plays like a board game. The outlaw avatar moves along a series of discs, and the final position dictates the win amount. Each card comes with eight spins, and each spin can be worth one to six moves.

The top prize of 25,000x is achieved by reaching the bank. The bank is the 48th square, which would require eight rolls of six. The default stake is £2, but stakes range from £0.50 to £10. At the default stake, the jackpot is worth £50,000, and at the maximum stake, it is worth an impressive £250,000.

It is possible to get less than eight rolls. There are 13 red discs on the board. If the avatar lands on one of these, the current game automatically ends. The first winning disc has a 2x value. Once the player reaches that position, they win at least that amount regardless of what else happens that turn or a subsequent turn.

The Six-Shooter Looter scratch card also has a turbo mode. It’s off by default. When turned on, the animations and effects are all streamlined. This lets the player complete the cards at a quick rate.

The Six-Shooter Looter scratch card is an excellent option for fans of the Wild West and any scratch card fans who want a little more than basic scratch action. It has fun cartoon graphics and a soundtrack to match. It’s also well-configured, and it’s always obvious to the player when they’ve won and how much they’ve won. For clients who are new to Ladbrokes Casino they will match the first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500. In other words, play Six-Shooter Looter with double your bankroll.